Who doesn’t want to know what the future holds?

That’s what a HR staffer at security firm RSA was thinking when they received an email with the recruitment plan for next year.

What they didn’t know though was that the email was spiked with malware, which allowed an attacker onto their computer.

From there, the attacker was able to jump computer to computer, until they found what they were looking for… the secrets behind RSA’s security products.

But they weren’t finished.

From there, the attackers took what they had stolen and used it to breach an RSA customer.

Just one customer.

Airplane manufacturer Lockheed Martin.

The builder of the US F35 stealth fighter jet.

The following year, the Chinese military debuted their own stealth fighter, the J31.

From an email to HR to a stolen fighter jet.

Within an organisation, every member has a role to play in securing that organisation.

Security does not begin and end with the IT team, it is something that touches everyone.

Work with your staff to spread awareness of their role in protecting the company


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