Want to know a little known fact about your passwords?

Everyone says:

➡️ ‘use a strong password’
➡️ ‘use numbers and special characters’
➡️ ‘make it at least 15 characters long’
➡️ ‘don’t use the name of your dog / kids / company’

All true, but the biggest problem with passwords is their re-use.

Using the same strong password across multiple websites, accounts, etc, means one breach puts all of your accounts at risk.

Protect against this by using separate passwords for separate accounts.

‘But I have hundreds of accounts’, I hear you say.

That’s where a password manager helps you.

Create and use hundreds of long, strong and totally unique passwords, meaning you never have to remember a password again.

And a breach on any site means your risk is limited to that site alone.

Check out lastpass.com to get their free plan, and secure yourself online.