A few years back I wanted to launch something online.

I didn’t know what my skills were, what people would want, what could help people or even who to help.

There were enough articles about validating your idea, clarifying your target market, pre-selling the product, etc, to put one off taking any action.

All sensible and well-meaning advice, but I found it overwhelming and didn’t know where to start.

Eventually I decided to just do it, build a course on my top-of-mind idea and see what happens. I had been chewing it over for long enough and I figured that once it was out, there would be enough space for other ideas to flow.

And I have to say, I feel it has been a great success in that regards, and am extremely proud that it has recently passed 200 very satisfied customers!

It provided a little seed money for other ideas and ventures since, but more importantly, it gave me the motivation and drive to continue when things felt doubtful, as it proved that ‘this online thing’ actually works!!

Sometimes you have to stop over-thinking an idea and Just Do It. Once its done and out of your head, just watch what other fantastic ideas begin to ooze to the surface!

P.S. if you are interested in building a home server to watch movies, save family photos or get started learning Linux, I know a great course to start with!