If your computer is working just fine, how can it be a risk to you?

Many people and businesses can be slow to recognise the risk of using out of date software, often because the software still works just fine,

Or so it seems…

Software, like many things in our lives, needs to be maintained and kept up to date.

But every few years the software manufacturers stop supporting older versions, meaning if problems and security bugs are found, they are not going to be fixed.

Windows 7 was released for laptops back in 2009, and Microsoft stopped supporting it in 2020.

‘But isn’t that just a way for them to get everyone to spend money on a new computer’, I hear you say.

Who knows, and Microsoft of course say no, but the fact of the matter is that if you are still using Windows 7 your risk of a cyber attack is greatly increased.

Invest in your software, keep it up to date, patched and current.

And it’ll continue to serve you long into the future.