Want to know how a really crafty cyber attacker can get what they want?

A while back a hacking group went after a top executive at HSBC bank.

Only instead of targeting her directly, they went after her husband.

They did their research and found out that he played rugby in college, and the names of some of his team mates, which he wouldn’t have talked to in years.

They then emailed him pretending to be one of the team mates, and attached a photo, which they said was a never seen before pic of the team in their prime!

In reality, the file contained a virus which gave them access to the family laptop.

All they had to do now was wait for their real target, the executive, to sit down and use the computer, so they could steal any work, passwords or sensitive info they need from her.

It can be difficult to protect against motivated, targeted attacks, but this is a reminder that computer security principles extend past the workplace and into your home.

Getting clear on the fundamentals of Passwords, Patching and Backups will benefit both your business and your family.


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