Hacking has an image problem.

You know that image of a typical hacker – a bored teenager, holed up in his bedroom, hammering away on the keyboard?

Well it’s not true.

I mean it is still true, to an extent

But hacking has outgrown it.

The teenager has grown up

Gotten more skilled

Gotten more organised

Gotten more professional

The hackers you are facing today are better equipped, better at what they do, and in it for the money

Your money

Hacking is a business now – more profitable than drug smuggling some say

And companies are failing to understand that

Failing to prepare

Failing to secure themselves against the modern hacker

You cannot leave it to chance that you will not be hit

Or hope that your security measures will be effective

You need to face the problem in a strategic manner, as a business risk

And plan appropriate security measures against the risks your business faces


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