Listening to an episode of the Darknet Diaries podcast last night – an interview with a hacker who used to extort companies after stealing their data.

And he came out with an interesting statement.

It was such a rush for him once the company paid up, that he simply demanded more from them.

He stole their data…

They paid what he asked…

And he said, nope, changed my mind, not enough!

It’s a reminder that when dealing with hackers, ransomware gangs, extortionists of any kind, you are not dealing with honest brokers.

You hold no cards

They may still release your data

They may look for more money from you

Or, in the case of ransomware, they may not be able to restore your data

Your best option is to be prepared, before the event occurs

Take the time in advance to secure your network.

-> Use Multi Factor Authentication for all sensitive logins

-> Patch regularly and rapidly

-> Take backups of all important business data, and TEST the backups!

Because when it comes to dealing with a cyber attack

Prevention is far better than cure


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