Benefits of Securing Your Business

Many companies want to reduce their risks, but see information security solely as a cost centre.

It helps a lot to change the narrative and look instead at the benefits it can bring:

– Regulation – depending on the industry you work within, it may be a legal requirement to abide by regulatory standards. This is necessary if handling medical or financial data, or when tendering for government contracts.

– Financial security – the cost of a data breach or ransomware attack can run into millions, and many small or medium sized enterprises collapse when faced with such a hit. Protecting your business and its data also protects your finances and future growth

– Reputation – companies work hard to establish a reputable name in the marketplace. In todays online age, customers have an expectation that their data is handled and secured appropriately, and if that turns out not to be the case, customers can and will very quickly move elsewhere.

– Standout from the Crowd – the work you put into securing your enterprise often goes unseen. Put it out there! Let people know what you have done, how serious you are about it, how aware you are of digital security. Sell with it.


I work with small and medium businesses who understand the value of their data. Contact me if you are interested in seeing how you cold improve your ability to withstand a cyber attack against your enterprise.