Coming up with a Stronger Password

In 2022, the standard password is dead.

It’s just not strong enough.

The commonly see advice to add upper and lower case letters, numbers and characters

But one important factor is often missed

The most important factor


Its a truth that a long password is a strong password

It also makes it easier to create memorable passwords, and include characters, numbers, etc

So how do you create a long, strong password?

Take multiple words and combine them together into a passphrase

Make it something personal, an affirmation, lyrics from a song, or random words

-> WilliamShakespeare(Apr1564-Apr1616)
-> In2022IAmAnAthlete!
-> Apple-Strong-Yellow-Freeze

I’ve built a simple webpage to help you come up with passphrases that are long, random and strong.

Check it out at


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